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Welcome to a breathtaking wedding experience from 7 seas Weddings! It is the dream of every couple to make the most wonderful and the biggest day of their lives to be unforgettable and dazzling yet animmaculate experience. A day when two romantic souls become one; the moment of a new beginning; should be picture perfect and flawless which requires an influence of a professional wedding planner. With an infinite experience in the Wedding industry and Event management 7 seas Weddings is always the best solution providers in making your Wedding celebration an extraordinary moment.
Janaka Mawella, The founder of “The Wedding Designer” has opened his services to the international clients with a new appearance offers you “7 seas Weddings”. Janaka is a charismatic individual who has a vast experience in the wedding trade for more than 10 years. The sound relationship with island’s top wedding service providers, articulates his ability of offering you the best service with the best prices. Janaka is considered as a momentous figure in the wedding trade forhis solid rapport with the industry’s best and his determination and commitment towards his work. He is not only a skillful and a smart wedding planner but also a talented designer which always puts him ahead of the rest. With this special skill “7 seas Weddings” is regarded not only as a wedding planner but as a wedding designer.
"7 seas Weddings" is proud to have an excellent team all over the world consist of individuals with years of experience in different areas such as in compeering, designing and event management. This is one of major reasons why 7 seas Weddings is regarded as the best wedding planners in Sri Lanka. Currently the team members are located in countries like Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Italy and Australia. This unmatched strength in the entire team was the key figure behind the success of so many grand wedding ceremonies.